Monday, March 19, 2012

Everyone Walk, Not Run to the Door

More tips & tricks for training your dog...The rule of thumb is to leave behind a tired dog whenever you leave the house for work or school. That means exercising him in the beginning of the day.
Our new puppy, Tucker, in his slicker which is still a bit too big for his 3.5 month-old body!
A morning power walk, run, or jog next to your bike is a sure way to help him be calm when you leave. Using a jogging service in the morning is great for this issue. Or consider teaching Rover to go on the treadmill for a 15-minute power walk in the morning, so he can wait till you come to get him later in the day.

Now that the weather is improving (hopefully) and Spring is around the corner, our dogs are feeling the shift in energy. Dogs want to share in your excitement to be out-of-doors.

Unfortunately, this can also cause them to feel over-excited, even anxious and unsure. So be calm when you approach the door. Rushing out in a frenzy teaches your dog to be anxious in the morning, and they might learn to "charge" or jump the door in an effort to “rush out” with you.

A good rule of thumb is to have them sit or lay down several feet from the door as everyone exits calmly.

As always, be the calm you want to see in your dog. They are masters of mimicking your habits!
A last note: Bo's book profits are going to a dog charity (we'll announce it as soon as I can finalize the agreement with the foundation we chose), so spread the word!


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