Your Bo & Dog Stories

Send me your Bo stories, or stories of your own pet, and I'll post them here...

by Martha Means

Annie learned the "Mine" command so quickly because she got to watch and imitate Bo. The "Mine" command made her morning eye drops, clipping her nails, brushing her tail--things on her "least favorite" list--a breeze. I'd put down a treat and say "Mine." Annie would NOT touch it. It was mine.

Instead, she practically threw her paws at me to get those nails clipped fast. She thrust that eye up for the eye drops. "Come on, come on, come on, let's get this done. I know I get that treat when we are done." What could have been a daily exercise in frustration and anxiety became a game and a source of loving play. Thanks, Bo, for all your help.

Here's Bo showing Annie how treat time is done at the studio (that's Christine, Bo's mom dishing up the treats).