Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bo Working Magic at Merrill Gardens

I stopped by Merrill Gardens, Queene Anne today and they all hugged me and relayed condolences about Bo. What kind people! They just sent the photos and I had to put them up so folks see how Bo touched hearts!

These are of Bo from last Sept 2011 working at the Merrill Gardens, which is part retirement home and part assisted care facility. We helped put on 2 dog shows for residents in the last 3 years so folks could show off their dogs' beauty and tricks. Everyone got a prize and an award.

1. Here's Bo meeting the judge, who is one of the residents. Or should I say schmoozing her. I had to tell Bo he wasn't part of the competition. But he got an award anyway for best trained dog. What a ham!
2. Here's Bo helping me explain to residents what dominance (being "over" your dog, exemplified by straddling) means and how it's not a bad thing. Note he's still wearing his car harness (for a seatbelt attachment). I liked to show people his gear, so those ladies who like purses and shoes would understand why I get my thrills out of dog accessories.
3. Here's Bo getting a treat from one of the residents. Note the oxygen tube near her arm. He wouldn't take treats from me during the "show" because he was stressed. The big crowd was hard for him. So I took him around the room to greet folks one-on-one and he did great. He even took food from the residents. I think I got suckered.
4. Here's Bo sitting in front of a resident who is petting him (those are my naked ankles). When we first got Bo, he used to bark at all wheeled objects and people carrying sticks, like canes and crutches. That was one of the issues we had to rehab, and it never completely went away. So being at the assisted care facility, where many residents are in wheelchairs or have support units, was always hard for him at first. But when Bo greeted folks one-on-one he was fine. Bo came a long way from his early years!

Hope you enjoyed these!

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