Friday, December 23, 2011

Good News 4 Christmas, Bad News for Cancer

Bo's surgery went well on Wednesday, but he was in pain all night and it was hard to give him meds because he was too nauseous to take food. But the next day and today he's got energy and even exaspiration when he's bored. That's a great sign!

We got the biopsy results back today--early, and thank God for that because I really couldn't wait patiently till Tuesday! We now know what kind of cancer we're fighting: squamous cell carcinoma in the mouth. This is a slow growing type, so that's good news. We'll cut out more bone in his jaw and remove clean margins (up to 2 cm. beyond the cancer). The bad news is it likes to recurr.

Well, this cancer hasn't met me yet. I've been reading everything I can get my hands and have learned how diet, supplements, herbs and even acupuncture can keep cancer from coming back. So if this cancer thinks it's found a new doggy condo, it's got another thing coming. Bring it on, Mr. Squeamish! You're being evicted!

As for donations....well, my hubby and are not comfortable with that, so I'm trying to figure out how I can add a PayPal button on Bo's book page as a sort of elective "reading" fee. For some reason, Blogger isn't cooperating with my efforts, so patience is advised. And you know how good I am at being patient, right?

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